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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

Happy Birthday Ephraim!

October 20th, 2014 by Aubri


Oh our sweet boy turns 2.0 today!!! Two years ago he looked like this, can you believe it? And he gave the best kisses.


I tried so hard to get you to all born on the 19th. Our 5th baby born on our 5th anniversary would have been a nice gift, but you needed your own day I guess.


Happy Birthday Ephy Job.
We’re so thankful Jesus gave you to us!

Our Seventh Anniversary

October 19th, 2014 by Aubri


October 19th is here again and Phil and I celebrate the blessing of 7 years of marriage!

Reminisce with me on how it all got started and read “Our Love Story” again or get a feast for your eyes with our First Year set to music, kind of like it was in my mind those first 12 months (hope that link works). And if you’re wondering why I love this man you can read “Let Me Count the Ways.”

“God’s word is actually inscribed on one’s spouse. When a man looks at his wife as if she were the only woman on earth, and when a woman looks at her husband if he were the only man on earth; yes, if no king or queen, not even the sun itself sparkles any more brightly and lights up your eyes more than your own husband or wife, then right there you are face to face with God speaking.

God promises to you your wife or husband, actually gives your spouse to you saying, ‘The man shall be yours. I am pleased beyond measure! Creatures earthly and heavenly are jumping for joy.’ For there is no jewelry more precious than God’s Word; through it you come to regard your spouse as a gift of God and, as long as you do that, you have no regrets” Martin Luther

Happy Anniversary Lovie, I’m thankful God made you mine.

A Pastor’s Wife

October 17th, 2014 by Aubri


There are many hardships that come with being married to a pastor. Kelly and Rebekah have written about a lot of those on their blogs:

Dear Pastor’s Wife
Keeping Quiet for the Sake of the Kingdom: The Bleeding Heart of Silent Martyrdom
And Gifted with Goodness and Mercy

There is often discussion on the ongoing battle of “balance” a pastor must have. He has to learn how much to give of his time, splitting himself between his congregation and his wife and family. Catholics hold this up as a great problem and one of their reasons for priests to remain celibate. If the balance is off and a wife feels pushed to the side there can be a lot of resentment and anger and strife in the home. A wife can be frustrated with church members who fail to respect a pastor’s time with his family and a congregation can be mad about how little time they think pastor gives them. Seems reasonable that a man in the ministry should not be married.

Why would marriage be good for a pastor, for his wife, his children and for his congregation?

Simply put, because God has made marriage, God has made man for marriage and as Luther says, “It is a school for life.”

Marriage is necessary for most men. Without it sin is given a great occasion to ruin and scandalize them. Remaining celibate and content is a very rare gift. Therefore, let pastors be married.

A married pastor knows the crosses of married life, he knows the gifts of wife and children. Marriage teaches him how to sacrifice for others, how to lead, how to discipline.

Through marriage and family a pastor can be an example to his flock. He can show them how sinful men care for, guide, love and nurture their families in spite of themselves.

Good things come with marriage. Life for a pastor is lonely, it’s isolating. He can be beat down emotionally and spiritually week after week. Weary of bearing burdens or being unappreciated. And God gives him a family. A family that, hopefully, gives him the support, love, comfort and strength that a loving heavenly Father knows he needs.

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Just Lily

October 15th, 2014 by Aubri


Remember when the only thing I wrote about here was Lily?! I guess that’s how it goes with your first. I’ve loved watching how much she’s changed and  how much she’s stayed the same! But sometimes I really really miss that little baby Lily. Just to have her small once more, to curl up with her on the couch and take a long nap together. I miss that.

I’d hate to let the days and years slip by without jotting down some of the things that delight me about our girl. And surely those years will go by quickly.

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